It’s time to switch to ‘Responsible’ Custom Pins using Sustainable and Eco-friendly Packaging

It’s time to switch to ‘Responsible’ Custom Pins using Sustainable and Eco-friendly Packaging

This dates to two years back when we received our first shipment of Lapel pins. As much as we were excited to welcome our first shipment, the packaging was a spoiled sport. Each of the 300 pins was individually packaged in small plastic bags, which were all going to end up as litter. The simple thought of how it may affect our planet triggered the idea of “Responsible Lapel Pins”. Responsible Lapel Pins as the name suggest will be environmentally responsible by using the best eco-friendly packaging.

Withreduce, reuse, recyclebecoming the new buzzword,  it’s essential for any business to adapt to these same responsible values. Not only does it help the environment but also increases brand loyalty among consumers. In this article, we will discuss how you can enhance your company’s reputation and win brand loyalty among eco-conscious customers by choosing the most sustainable packaging for your custom lapel pins. There are many different eco-friendly packaging options available today that can help keep your prices down while keeping the environment safe from litter.

Tissue paper

Tissue paper is an environmentally-friendly way to package your products. It’s not just because tissue paper gets decomposed easily—it’s also because it shows that your business is ready to take care of the environment as well as your customers. Additionally, One of our best sellers, pins wrapped in tissue paper is a no-brainer for the majority of our clients.

Glassine Bags

Glassine bags are made with processed wood pulp, so they are a type of paper product. Having a translucent look, they are manufactured with no chemicals, making them fully recyclable and biodegradable. Glassine bags offer a great solution to showcase your lapel pins to potential customers in a way that’s both environmentally friendly

Mini burlap or Cotton bags

 Our customized, biodegradable natural burlap or cotton bags are traditional, timeless, and rustic ways to present your products. These custom bags are the perfect ways for a company to present their products in a much classier way.

Kraft Box

Finally, you’ll love our Kraft two part drawer type paper boxes for packaging your pins or other accessories. The sliding sleeve boxes are supplied flat and are very easy to assemble—no glue required. Pack and ship your items in an eco-friendly style!

Many customers prefer adding a cotton/burlap bag and custom stickers to brand their Kraft box.



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