Woven Patches

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Custom woven patches make an excellent giveaway or keepsake to leave a lasting impression of your association with your teams, clubs or even businesses. Available in both 'Sew on' or 'Iron on' options, the patches can be customized to any shape or size of your choice

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100 per design. For lesser quantities, please connect with us at contact@worktucks.com

Woven patches are made of thinner thread that allows more detail in the artwork. We recommend Woven patches for more complex designs.

Yes, we can ship the samples to you, however, you will have to pay for the shipping.

Knowledge Hub

Patch Size The Patch size is determined by the maximum length and width of the patch. The pricing is calculated based on the patch size, which is calculated using the below formula:

Patch size (inches) = (Length + Width)/2   (round of to the nearest 1/2″)

Understanding the different border types Heat Cut: It has a hot knife stitched border, which is a best fit for complex shapes and detailed borders

Merrow: Best fit for simple shapes such as circle, square and shields, it’s a 1/8″ border that is sewed over the exterior edge of the border to prevent fraying

Die Cut: This one has not sticking on the edges. It can be used when the patch is embroidered again or thermal bonded directly