Challenges and Solutions Related to Swag Management

Challenges and Solutions Related to Swag Management

Swag management isn’t ranking high on Google because people have failed to understand its importance. Even though are several challenges with swag giveaways and promotions, they are still not spoken enough.

There are a lot of things happening behind the scene in swag promotions and giveaways. It’s because people don’t think about swag management. We’ll tell you why you should think about swag management.

Why Should Companies Think About Swag Management?

You already know that swag promotions and giveaways aren’t easy. So we’ll help you understand the common issues faced by companies in Swag management:

  • Vendor Management Issue –

This is one of the main concerns. It’s time-consuming to inquire about multiple vendors for different items. Getting quotes for different products from various vendors and combining them to customize a package is a lot of work. On top of all, there’s shipment to do.

  • Compromising Employee Working Hours –

The next problem with swag management is, compromising employee working hours. You’d have to assign a team to do all these. You’d have to let them spend their work-hours on this because there are no other ways to do it. Or that’s how most companies think. So the staff that you’ve assigned to do the work have to pack and organize the packages to ship them to the relevant events or people.

They should also keep track of dates and people that these packages need to be handed over. It’s a lot of manual work that could have been saved by contacting a company like us. We handle everything from customizing to shipping for your clients.

  • Consuming Office Space for Storage –

Another massive problem with not managing swags is that they consume your office space. Or you’d have to rent out a place to store them, which is an added cost. Why would you spend when you can get things done cost-effectively?

It’s clear that many companies benefit from swags, but not many of them talk about swag management. However, it’s high time you consider swag management. But you might still have doubts about how swag management is done. Or how can a swag company shoulder your responsibilities? Let us explain.

How Can a Swag Company Help You With Swag Management?

We just discussed some of the problems in swag management. All these don’t sound appealing, do they? But this is where a swag company comes in. They do swag management for you to make things easy for you.

  • We Do Vendor Management

Your employees have to use their work-hours to find the right set of swags to send. They have to fetch ideal vendors. Think about the time spent comparing the costs from different vendors. And then, they have to move the swag packages to a warehouse. Once that’s done, they have to keep track of dates to ship the packages to relevant parties and places.

  • We Store Your Swag Packs

At WorkTucks, we offer quality products at reasonable rates. We have pre-packed swag packs. So we can send them as requested by the client. These prepackaged swags are stored in our warehouse, so you don’t have to worry about storage. We take complete responsibility for it as well. Our own warehouse is all set for your orders.

  • We Remember Your Requirements

Apart from that, you don’t have to write more reminders because we handle that too. Our integration with CRM systems such as HubSpot, Salesforce, etc., sends us reminders on your client’s anniversary or employee appreciation swags or whatever you want to celebrate by sending swags.

When we get reminders, we send a box of swags attractively packed to pull a smile on the receiver’s lips.

The promotional or giveaway swags will create no hassle at your end if you let us handle it for you. Because we know the drill!


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